Thursday, 5 September 2013

Slegr is Back (For good, this time!)

Readers of my old hockey blog know I had a weird man-crush on defenseman (and former Canuck) Jiri Slegr.(Here is my old tribute)

Slegr was an offensively talented defensemen that never quite got his due, yet remains one of the few players to have won gold at the Winter Olympics and World Champions, as well as a Stanley Cup.

In 2010, Slegr decided his playing days were behind him, and went into the 'wonderful' world of politics. He did play a few relegation games during his time in parliament, but never lost the itch to play.

With his term up, Slegr was sick of the corruption he dealt with, and decided to go back to 'The clean world of athletes'.

So, at 42 years of age, Slegr is back on the ice as a member of Litvinov: 
You can bet I'm pretty stoked, considering most of my old favourites are either retired or dead :(

It's Litvinov's 55th straight year in the top Czech hockey league, and it might as well represent the team's average age. With Martin Rucinsky back for another year, the Litvinov bench is going to need oxygen tanks. Slegr's back is, as he admits, pretty creaky and often sore. I wonder how many games he'll actually be able to play.

For my friend Camille, here are a couple of memories of Slegr in his younger years!