Thursday, 29 August 2013

What's the Deal with Michael Bublé?

I've never understood how singer Michael Bublé is as popular as he is. It's a bit of a running gag with my wife and I that I can't stand his singing.

From all accounts, the local product is a very funny, likeable guy that knows how to work a crowd. As a part-owner of the Vancouver Giants, he has been a good ambassador for the club. He also donates to a crap-ton of charities. As a human being, Bublé gets top marks, especially compared to this schlumpy blogger.

That said, Bublé strikes me as the world's most successful karaoke singer. Every time I hear him sing, it sounds like a disinterested Paul Anka.

For example, compare George Michael's "Kissing a Fool". Michael had one of the bigger singing voices of all time (does he still? I'm not sure), and his song has a lot of emotion to it.

Now, compare that to Bubble's "performance"

There's hardly any emotion in his singing, and it sounds very much like he's simply covering the song for a wedding or dinner club.

I know matching up to George Michael is incredibly hard to do, but this is like pork tenderloin vs. the McRib.

I know generic sells well (Twilight, One Direction), but...I just don't get the popularity.

The itch to blog again…

Ever since I closed down Hockey Rants, I’ve had a couple of itches to scratch. I do enjoy writing, and I’ve now written for Magic Deck Vortex a few times.

I still don’t have much of an urge to write about hockey, but I do often have rants in my head on a variety of topics.

I did set up this place, initially, on Tumblr. I didn't realize it is basically a 1-way street with no way to provide feedback. So, I'll go back here to Blogger.

I figure I’ll open up this space to write about whatever crosses my mind. I hope that the 3-4 people that do read this space will find it entertaining enough.

Topics I’d like to cover:
  1. Magic: the Gathering
  2. Bad Advertising
  3. Consumerism
  4. Sports: mainly Baseball and Hockey
  5. Current Events & Pop Culture
  6. Whatever rustles my Jimmies