Thursday, 29 August 2013

The itch to blog again…

Ever since I closed down Hockey Rants, I’ve had a couple of itches to scratch. I do enjoy writing, and I’ve now written for Magic Deck Vortex a few times.

I still don’t have much of an urge to write about hockey, but I do often have rants in my head on a variety of topics.

I did set up this place, initially, on Tumblr. I didn't realize it is basically a 1-way street with no way to provide feedback. So, I'll go back here to Blogger.

I figure I’ll open up this space to write about whatever crosses my mind. I hope that the 3-4 people that do read this space will find it entertaining enough.

Topics I’d like to cover:
  1. Magic: the Gathering
  2. Bad Advertising
  3. Consumerism
  4. Sports: mainly Baseball and Hockey
  5. Current Events & Pop Culture
  6. Whatever rustles my Jimmies