Friday, 6 September 2013

MTG: Thoughts on Theros

Before we go on vacation, I just wanted to share some thoughts on the cards for Theros (Magic: The Gathering's upcoming set) that have been spoiled.

Innistrad was a huge hit, and I have an even bigger flavour-boner over this Greek-inspired set. Despite my competitive nature, it's always been the art and flavour that brought me into the game.

What's got me excited? This dude!

There is usually one card in every set that makes me jump up and think, "I have to have that!"

Snapcaster Mage was one such card, and I identified it as a card that was going to be a huge player in all formats. Luckily, I jumped on a playset for about $10/apiece, before they doubled in price. Sarah and I also got Jace, the Wallet Sculptor, for about $17/card. We just wish we had ordered more!

*End bragging*

Purphoros gives me the same shivers, but I wasn't fortunate enough to get them for cheap. They sit at $25 each right now, and I can't justify spending $100 on four single cards for one of my many casual decks.

Given each of your creatures the ability to Shock the opponent is huge, and indestructibility is what pushes it over the edge. "Naturalize this, bitch!"

If/when I do get these, I've always got a very nasty deck to build around it.

The Bestow mechanic is genius! All too often, Enchantments and Auras are scary to play because of the risk of being two-for-oned. Enchantments should be more previlant than they are, and bestow helps solve this.

Even if the creature is nuked before this hits the battlefield, it'll simply revert into a creature. I like that kind of risk mitigation.

The other powerful god, this thing will also help you win games while never becoming a creature.

Scry 1 each upkeep? Gold.

Making your creatures unblockable? That wins games.

I'm not going to pay big bucks for this card, but will happily stick it into any creature-based deck with blue.

I'm know for loving me some Sign in Bloods, and this lets you not draw the two lands you don't want to.
Yes, it costs one more mana, but having a single black in the mana cost can make it easier on some of my decks. You can bet I'll be stocking up on these.

OK, I'm not really excited to play this, but if I do, I'll be sure to shout out: "FUCK THE POLIS!"


The Heroic mechanic is interesting, and I may consider a white-blue deck built around it.

Instead of going the enchantment route, I'd go for cheap flashback spells like Artful Dodge and Defy Gravity to get the heroic effects without card disadvantage.

So, those are my musings on the spoiled cards. I wonder what the rest of my group(s) think.