Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Growling: "The Fruit of My Loins"

Although this litte rant is on a topic that doesn't affect me, personally, it's still something that rubs my rhubarb the wrong way.

Today's Topic: Narcissistic men who name their sons after themselves, like John Smith, John Smith Jr, John Smith III, etc.

Yes, I said men, because it rarely happens with women.

Ken Griffey Jr and Sr.

Now, if you belong to a royal/noble family, or were living in the 17th century, I could understand. In modern times, it's just plain vanity.

"What shall I name my son? Hmm, let me see...

Do I let my son forge his own identity, and find his own way in the world?

Naw, I'll just name him after me! That way, whenever they say his name, and add the junior, they'll always think of me ME ME ME!!!"

Yes, this is the "Fruit of My Loins" Syndrome.

These types of men want to establish their legacy, and their kids will forever be their contribution to the world. Their sperm must be celebrated, and their kids must forever be "Their father's son". Ugh.

I'm amazed so many of these kids continue the tradition, or simply don't change their names to something other than their fathers. I would have certainly changed mine, if that was the case.

Women, if your man wants to name their sons after themselves, take a hint and find somebody who isn't so self-absorbed.