Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Wednesday Wonderings : 10/02/13


The wife and I are enjoying this show, even if it has that made-for-a-mass-audience hokeyness and predictability to it. As the show isn't on AMC or HBO, I guess we can't expect the high quality of writing and character development we've been spoiled with. "Aww, how cute! They are building a team!"

Again, I do have to rant about the Impossibly Beautiful People Trope this show has going.

OF COURSE!!!! The commandant of the Chilean forces has to be a super-hot model (pictured). It would really hurt ratings if she was average looking!

How many female military commanders could also double as models? Exactly! It's hard to buy into a character when the casting makes absolutely no sense. You wouldn't cast John Goodman as an underwear model, would you?

It wouldn't have hurt the story one bit to have her as a realistic portrayal. It's not like Agent Coulson wouldn't have slept with an ordinary-looking woman, right?

On top of that, Agent Melinda May gets in a very intense fight in the cockpit of the plane. The result? Nary a scratch, makeup blemish, or even a bead of sweat! Unless she's an android, there should be at least a hair or two out of place to indicate actual physical exertion!


I don't tend to have many dreams, especially ones that I remember. Strange, then, that last night's dream was extremely vivid and easy to recall.


It all started when I entered an online contest to win a trip to some tropical country. This contest was available only to residents of a certain block of Yew Street (Kitsilano, Vancouver), for some odd reason.

I don't live on Yew Street, of course, but I still entered and pretended to live there. The reason I could do so is that the company I work for (not my real life company) rented out some units on that street, and one of the places was vacant.

So, I put in my entry, pretended to live in Kits, and ended up winning. Yay!! ... ??

I didn't expect to win, and I didn't want to claim my prize. Given that I knew I was lying, and would be busted, I decided to not call in about it. Meanwhile, a couple of other residents on the block won some much lesser prizes.

Somewhere else in my dream, the people running the contest were searching for me, trying to figure out how to contact the winner, and later the person who didn't actually live at the vacant house. I was scared poopless that I would be found out, and made a couple of sneaky trips around the block to see what was going on.

As I used a different surname on the contest form, and my number is unlisted, they had no way of actually reaching me. At this point of writing, I also find it weird that the contest people didn't see the house was likely owned by some company, and just call up that company.

In any event, I was overcome with guilt, but was also afraid of being jailed for misrepresentation. Somebody else missed out on a trip that I wasn't entitled to.

Towards the end of the dream, I went into the contest operators' office and came clean about what I did. I claimed that I didn't expect to win, was unsure if the rule about availability was legally possible (it was), and that I didn't have any malicious or mischievous intent.

As I woke up, I believe the person I was speaking to said they would let it slide, and just DQ the entry.


A couple of funny photos for today.

The first comes from "Seebelowforcomment" on Reddit, where he found this fine 'school' on the corner of Nelson and Cambie, downtown Vancouver.

I guess you really need to know where to put your ehs, eh?

The second comes from Deadspin, who captured NHL commissar Gary Bettman 'enjoying' the season opener between the Blackhawks and Capitals by having a long nap. It's so nice to have a commish that loves the sport.