Tuesday, 4 February 2014

AdRants: A Big STEAMING Pile!

Poor AYDS!

For the better part of the 1970s, Ayds was a successful appetite suppressant product. The candy had been around since the 1940s, and was meant to 'aid' your weight loss in a delicious manner.

Then, the AIDS epidemic came along, and Ayds had the unfortunate luck of having pretty much the same name as one of the greatest health crises in our generation. Not long after, the product disappeared correctly.

Thanks, Obama!

Now, what comes to mind when I say the word STEAMER?

If you are an old Canucks fan, you might say ... Stan Smyl.

If you are over 50, you might think of the carpet cleaning company Stanley Steemer.

As an aside, I can't trust a company that can't spell basic words properly.

If you are 40 and younger, the word STEAMER is synonymous with a BIG STEAMING PILE OF POOP!

Just like this!

Joining the club of unfortunately named products is the Healthy Choice line of STEAMERS!

Yes, pop a STEAMER in your microwave tonight!

Just look at how enthusiastic Sue Mah is about finding "the deep reds, greens, and yellows!"

Whatever floats your boat, dear.

If the first image that your product's name brings to mind is a pile of poop, you may want to consider another naming avenue.

These STEAMERS have been around for only a short while, so it's baffling that the marketing idiots at Healthy Choice didn't have anyone stand up and go, "You know, maybe the choice of product name should not make one think of a fresh post-Taco Bell dump!"


Doesn't anybody at these large corporations do quick searches on Google or Urbandictionary.com?


I can just imagine these real-life scenarios breaking out.

"Hi, Suzy, do you want to grab a bite to eat?"

"No, thanks! I had a big Steamer before I left!"


"Hey, Marge, what's for dinner?"

"I've got a Steamer in the microwave! It's almost ready"


"Mmm, what's that spicy aroma in the air?"

"I just made a steamer, Bill! Wanna try some?"


I think I'll pass on the Steamer, thanks.